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Source of Water

Our raw water is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN (Carbon 14) concealed under the earth for 21,400 years untouched by environment changes.

The water was formed during the Ice Age period at the temperature below NEGATIVE 60 degree Celsius proven by OXYGEN 18 test.

It is highly enriched with various types of minerals which are beneficial to human body.
It is naturally pure and pristine BALANCED NATURAL MINERAL WATER.

If your are looking for below water, we are definitely your absolute choice.
a. High antioxidant water with REDOX 10-20Mv
b. Natural low deuterium depleted water (less than 150ppm)
c. Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, pH 8.20-8.46
d. High bicarbonate water. It helps to enhance the food’s flavors and lower the taste of
tannin in red wine.

It is also small molecule water. The taste of water is smooth, refreshing and energizing.

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